IYAP-Round Table Discussion Series

Every morning’s newsflash carries yet another sordid piece of information on poverty, war or under-development. When unease and strife have become commonplace, yet another kind of restlessness is making its way in. The minds of the youth are occupied yet scattered, immersed in things like hate speech and misuse of Social Media. Do we blame a lack of resources or are we to blame an adequate knowledge of just how these resources are to be made use of correctly? Either way, young blood carries so much real potential and when provided with the right education, they can be empowered and armed with weapons that have nothing to do with mass destruction, but with mass productivity rather: a tool to, in actuality, change the world. Just, in the right way.


The future of Sri Lanka predominately depends on the progress of

Youth , currently there are 7 million youth in Sri Lanka out of the total

population of approximately 21 million. Youth can progress and support

the development of the country. However to achieve this, it is vital to

create awareness and empower youth to take part in matters

of civil concern. With an ambition of empowering the young people of

Sri Lanka and equipping them with the right skills and knowledge to contribute towards civil matters, the program ‘Youth Matters’ was established by the IYAP. The program brings together youth involved in civic matters and experts in the areas of gender equality, disability rights, development, human rights, environment protection, Sustainable development and creates a platform to voice their concerns and identify solutions to such social problems and youth matters. The goal of IYAP is to not only discuss the solutions but to also come up with actual ways of implementing them.


Youth activists and advocates of various causes are brought together in a Round Table Discussion to open their minds and voice their opinions, not in an all-out animalistic way but in a clean, structured format of three rounds or so. The 1st Round Table Discussion Series was hosted over a period of three consecutive months namely September, October and November.

Following a pattern, the premises of The Chamber of Commerce, Colombo-2 was made use of for all three sessions. The series saw several youth advocates and participants coming in to facilitate the discussions. The aim of the sessions was to identify the ongoing problems that the youth and the society in general, is currently going through and the change that the youth want to see and can bring about.


The Series was deemed a success due to the large turnover of

participants which resulted in an influx of solutions and suggestions. A

report was drafted to conclude the sessions to be held in the Western

province.   Several other beneficial outcomes were seen to result from

the discussions, one being The Ability Forum-Rights of the Differently

abled people. It was also the ending of the series for the year 2015.


Owing to the immense success of the sessions that were held, the IYAP

plans to branch out to each of the different provinces of Sri Lanka, in

2016, to continue in our mission to empower and educate the youth. A

good way to start is via these discussions so that the problems faced by

each province, geographic or otherwise, can be individually addressed

for better results and solutions can be drawn from these talks. The plan

is to work together with a youth organization from each respective area and host a Single-Day event that will progress in three breakout sessions with a refreshment break in between each.


The IYAP is on the lookout for volunteers with fresh, new ideas whose main goal is to serve the community. If you think you can create a change, volunteer today.

Check out: www.iyapsl.org or their Facebook page- International Youth Alliance for Peace.

You can also email your details to iyapofficial@gmail.com to be an inherent part of this project.



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