Who do you want to be an intelligent madcap or a sane happy man?

At present, how would you define yourself? As a: Bookworm that run behind certificates? Or as a bookworm who has a practical sense of life? Which category do you belong to? Or don’t you belong in any?

Let me help you sort it out.

Half a percent of the existing generation doesn’t even know the term, “bookworm.” Yet during the past times everyone use to read a book during their leisure hours. Yet now, the scenario has changed. Technology has emerged in to our lives and we rarely go in to a library or a book store. Information, books are just finger tips away. No one has the interest to read and study a book, yet they get help from the internet viewers and online editors who give them the summaries and analyses of the texts, they need to study. Therefore, the practicality of life and the novels, stories that help to build one’s life with information is far gone from the present-day lifestyles. People have become knowledgeable robotics who run from one interview to another with a bundle of certificates.

If I am wrong, ask from yourself. Do you really remember what contains in those certificates? Do you remember the core of your studies? Did they teach you the practical life skills that will carry you to the next stage of your interviews? Do you know how to deal with people and work in a team? Or is it basically the texts, certificates you have?  

Today certificates and degrees have become the aims of life. It is not wrong. But your qualification should contain a meaning. You should have a sense of what you are studying. Yet, most of us do a degree, graduate and we forget whatever we did and studied. This happens when one becomes an internet worm, as I would call it today. As a result, one’s life becomes a risk. You only know what you are asked. You never how to elaborate something beyond the given question. If you are asked to relate a text to your own life, you will look up and down thinking how the internet would answer it.

Yet the past generations saw life beyond a book. They read a book, a magazine or a newspaper till the end. They discussed facts and the story with their colleagues, yet they never took the first opinion from them. The first opinion always held within them. So, no matter what state and context it was, they knew how to remember it, and attribute it to their own selves. But today, we are lost in between our busy lifestyles and technology.

We tend to go on social media, run through it up and down and spend are free time with it. We rarely go to a library, associate people, join a society talk with people and watch a movie in groups. Therefore basically, as a result, life, has become all about, “you and the internet.” Our present generations have become dependents of the present-day technology. You eat with it, drink with it, live with it and it feeds you information and you go earn your certificates.

Yet the question is, does this individual life helps you climb the ladder of success? Or does it help you, apply and apply for jobs forever?

Therefore, if you want a meaningful life, that adds color to your certificates, you should earn it, by yourself. Try to take some time off the internet, television and your caged room. Step in to life, read a book, go to a library, meet friends, join a society, talk with an audience, check yourself with others, let your own self compete. Isolation never brings a winning.

Once you get in to a life with people, books that you read with passion and societies you put your strength in to, you learn life and you add value to your educational qualifications.

Cause at present when competing with the future brains, being an internet worm or a book worm, will be like applying for a job that never existed. So, if you want to succeed the present-day life style with technology and upcoming brains, you’ve got to mingle with the society. You’ve got to identify the weaknesses within you and the others. You need to learn from them and you need to give the knowledge you have. Sharing pictures through the internet won’t do. You need to share your life and knowledge and be a person with acquaintance, experience and intelligence. To be one, you need to step out from your own circle, and in to the society, which is vast and growing. And it is a matter of time until this society waits for you. If you do not grab your chances within the given time, you’ll lose this race as an intelligent-madcap. Therefore, being sane and succeeding at the same time takes time and effort.   Therefore, let yourself out and add color to your life.

– Gayathri Kodikara


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